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Project 1 - Just breathe

Project 1 - Just breathe

Link to the shiny app is: https://abhishek-v.shinyapps.io/Just-Breathe/

Github repository: https://github.com/abhishek-v/Air-pollution-data

Youtube video:

Instructions in using the Shiny app:

Download the repository from Github as a zip file. Extract it into any folder. Open the R code on R studio. You can run it either locally or publish it on Shiny apps. All colors chosen are from http://colorbrewer2.org . All these colors are marked as color-blind safe

Data used

This app uses Air Quality data obtained from the US Environmental Protection Agency's website. (EPA) The data is stored as a list of dataframes. List element is the state and each state is linked to a dataframe containing all counties it has.

Interesting trends

Pollution stats in Illinois

The charts above show comparsion between the following counties: Cook, Will and Tazewell. These counties are at an increasing distance from the city (Chicago). It is not surprising to see that Cook county where Chicago is located has the most number of polluted days. Will county which is in the outskirts of Chicago has moderately polluted days, but less than what Cook county experiences. Tazewell which is in the center of Illinois, away from the city has no polluted days.

Pollution stats between major cities

The charts above show comparsion between the cities of Chicago, New York and Los Angeles for the year 2018. Not so surprisingly, Los Angeles has the most number of polluted days. Chicago comes in second and New York has the least polluted days among the three. This is perhaps because of New York's better public transportation services.

Pollution stats in Honolulu, Hawaii:

A quick google search provided Honolulu as the least polluted place in the US. This is evidenced by the chart above which shows Honolulu's stats for the year 1980. For the year 2018, we see similar stats with just a few days in the moderate level and rest classified as good days.

Ozone level in Chicago, Cook county:

The city of Chicago has apparently been seeing rising levels of Ozone according to the news. This is confirmed by the graph shown above where ozone consistently increases over the years. We also see a sharp spike in the levels of PM2.5